Is your baby constantly irritable and crying or it seems like there’s something “not right”? Babies can require chiropractic assistance to ensure a stimulation of the nervous system to assist with digestion, colic and unexplained crying.

The delivery of a baby can sometimes involve massive forces to the baby's neck, potentially being the very first time damage to their spine can occur. A difficulty delivery (sometimes involving forceps) increases stress on the baby's spine.

In most births there are usually no obvious signs of any spinal misalignment, which is why it's a good idea to get your little one checked out by a reputable chiropractor. Adjustments for infants are extremely gentle and safe - the amount of force usually required to adjust a baby's spine is usually no more pressure than the average adult can tolerate on the eye ball.

Conditions such as colic, constant crying, irritability, sleeping and feeding problems can often be remedied by a chiropractic adjustment.

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